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Welcome To Our Training Grounds



South-Eastern Georgia is full of picturesque rolling green hills, technical ponds, and thousands of acres to train your canine athlete. Our center offers on-site accommodation for both handlers and their dogs. WiFI continental Breakfast, Bag lunches, and onsite Commissary! Our training Lounge has a full kitchen, Hot Shower, and climate control A/C for those Hot Georgian nights. For those trainers who want to explore more than just the spectacular training grounds. We offer Historical guided trips to Savannah, a true gem in Georgian History that's famous for antique enthusiasts, taking a day of shopping, sightseeing, and even delicious seafood brunch while you watch the sunset on the beautiful ocean. Do you want more adventure? Try deep-sea fishing, shrimping, and even a private hunt! We too offer dove, quail, and pheasant shoots on our training grounds, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Our Training Center is an hour and a half from the closest international airport, you have a choice of either Jacksonville Florida, or Savannah Georgia. For those of us that are addicted to the trial circuit and training life, you can take time out to please your spouse on a trip to Orlando or Jacksonville. Both are not far away and are easily accessible by car. Enjoy a visit to Universal Studios and or Disney world, they are practically right next store! 

Hunting Dog




Our summer training takes place in beautiful Canada! Our training grounds are located in beautiful Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba. Don’t let the rumors of below 0 Canadian winters scare you... in fact, the temperatures can be just as hot as Georgia just with less humidity. Imagine nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains with natural springs that present breathtaking scenery! A true step into the wild north.

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