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Our love of the Labrador Retriever began in 1948. A young boy by the name of Lloyd Newton earned his first labrador named ”Ethel”, She was a phenomenal Retriever. "She would Break the ice forming on the Southern Alberta ponds and sloughs, and would not quit until every Mallard was brought to hand". In 1967 our beloved "Snap" was born. FC Staxigo snap was from the Queen's kennels in Ireland and was also titled in Scotland. Snap was the dog of a lifetime, or so we believed... Until "Rigger" entered our life. Rigger became an FC AFC Champion and finished 9 Nationals This outstanding character was out of this world! Today our kennel continues to maintain the breed standard by adhering to ethical and stringent breeding practices. As dog breeders we ensure all of our parents come from genetically tested parents, all are OFA and CERF certified. Our pups are guaranteed against hip elbows and eye disease for 26 months. Our breeding program is developed around a unique principle we call the 3 Ps Performance, pedigree, and Prodigy. We do not breed for color. Focusses on health, temperament, and adhering to the breed standard.


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We are breeding only the best genetically healthy dogs. Performance, pedigree, and Prodigy.


dedicated to produce the highest quality Labrador retriever puppy. Health, Eyes and Hips garenteed!


providing various levels of training for your puppy/ adult Labrador Retriever starting from "basic" to "finish" training.


starting at 8 weeks and up!

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